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Last updated: June 20, 2007 12:42 AM


Lil J - Back Like I Left Somethin' CD
  Back Like I Left Somethin' CD
Lil J
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Pics of J

There is new pics of J at the pics link!!!

Lil J Rocks


celibrating J's new Cd
Yo ya'll Lil J's new Genius Child will be out
sometime in spring 2007!!!! I can't wait.
Ladies Gentlemen and Fans, Lil J is finally back Yall He's sorry!!!!!!!
News Flash!!!!!!
J is back like he never left!!!
2007 will never be the same once Lil Js New Album entitled, Genius Child due out Spring 2007Also look out for his new clothing line and Cologne called Genius Clothing and Respectively Genius Child Cologne. -Lil J entered into a partner Venture with his longtime manager since the age of 14 and longtime friend Livio Harris to develop Movies, Television Shows-(Two Pilots to be pitched to the Networks, one a show called the J show which is Teen driven Jimmy Kimmel style show meets 106 and Park, and another show called The Ultimate Player-(Making of Ceo). Also a Merchandising company which will cater to established Artist.
He just recently appeared on the HBO hit Tv series Entourage. Still appearing on That's So Raven. Also appeared in the hit movie Noras  Hair Salon And an upcoming movie Called South of Pico, Co-Starring in the Upcoming Animated Cartoon Series. Da Mike Fresh, and lastly he is to be casted in the Teen Movie, "It Was All A Dream"  and more.
He appeared in a national Reebok commercial along side Yao Ming!!
As you can see they have and continue to make this career a huge one with the motivating  Factor being the love for the game and more importantly following the road map concept of L L Cool J, Will Smith and the Multi-media strategies of Jay Z!!!
Just finished Tour with Lil J,  Event, and Mahry a new addition the Family are planning an official Lil J Event, Mahry School Stop the Violence 2007.
Lil J will be collaborating with both Artist. Event is now signed D Mac/Jive Records look out for these guys, they are the hottest new male group to come in 2007.
Mahry-Sony/ Bmg  is in talks with the hottest new Female Emcee coming at u in 2007!! 

Contacting Lil' J

This site has been
if you want more info on j



J Rocks





Back Like I Left Somthin'
Is now ready to buy
Lil Js song(So Fresh)is currently playing on the radio in st.louis,
New York and atlanta.

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